Recent Dissertations

Below are recent dissertations that show students in our graduate program working on the cutting edge in their respective fields.


Can Self-Regulation Be Improved? An Examination of Neural and Behavioral Evidence
Pin-Hao (Andy) Chen

The Neural Bases and Behavioral Characteristics of Feature Conjunction Learning
Sebastian Frank

Decoding Ambiguity in the Facial Expressions of Others: Neural Underpinnings of Affective Valence Computation
Justin Kim

Success Hangs in the Balance: Outcomes and Predictors of the Relative Balance of Brain Activity to Appetitive Cues
Richard Lopez

Interhemispheric Dynamic Coordination in Face Processing: A Time-Resolved fMRI Decoding Approach
Zhengang Lu

Behavioral and Neural Responses to Affectively Salient Cues: The Influence of Perceived Stress and Control
James Taylor


Dispositional Emotional Expressivity Shapes the Processing of Facial Expression
Annemarie Brown

The Functional Importance of the Head Direction Signal for Homing Behavior
William Butler

Relating Behavioral Control and Brain Development: Insights from Adolescence
Heidi Meyer

How We Connect: Neural Mechanisms Underpinning Human Social Networks
Carolyn Parkinson

Effects of Violent Video Game Play on Attitudes toward Behavioral Deviance: Mechanisms of Self-Involvement, Affective Responses, and Motivated Attitude Change
Anna Prescott

The Mental Workspace as Distributed Neural Network
Alexander Schlegel

Subtypes of Developmental Prosopagnosia: Behavioral and Neural Evidence
Hua Yang

The Nature of Feature Tuning Representations in Occipital, Parietal, and Frontal Cortices During Visual Working Memory Maintenance
Qing Yu


The Structure and Function of Brain Networks Underlying Self-Evaluation
Robert Chavez

The Cognitive Dynamics Underlying Decision-Making: Interactions Between Attention, Memory, and Reward in Action Control
Kanghoon Jung

Using the Eyes to Measure the Mind: Pupil Dilation Dynamics as a Biomarker of Online Attention
Olivia Kang

On the Nature, Mechanisms, and Neural Correlates of Visual Feature Conjunction Learning
Eric Reavis

Affective Decision-Making in Rhesus Monkeys: Reward Order, Risk, and the Roles of the Anterior Insula and Premotor Cortex
Eric Xu


Cortical Representations of Hierarchical Category Learning
Sergey Fogelson

Systematic Replications and Innovations in the Neuroscience of Humor
Sean Guillory

Whole Brain Hyperalignment: Inter-Subject Hyperalignment of Local Representational Spaces
Jyothi Swaroop Guntupalli

Motion and Position Interact at Both Early and Late Stages of the Human Visual System
Peter Jes Kohler

Cognitive and Neural Mechanisms of Social Motivations
Katherine Powers

Exercise and the Brain: Impacts on Cognition, Neural Function, and Mental Health
Andrea Robinson