Minor in Psychology

Students are encouraged to review the information about the psychology minor below, as well as course descriptions and course syllabi. This checklist will guide you in preparing a successful request for approval of your minor plan. It is intended to  help you plan, but you are also welcome to seek advice from faculty members in the department for assistance designing an effective and satisfying minor.

Requirements for the Minor

Prerequisites and Requirements

  • Prerequisite:
    • PSYC 1 (Introductory Psychology)
  • Requirements:
    • Two PSYC courses numbered 50 or above
    • Three PSYC elective courses numbered 11 or 20-88
Requirements for the Minor


While two of the six required courses may be transfers, transfers cannot count toward the 50 or above requirement.


If you have questions about the major requirements or your major plan, please contact Professor Catherine Cramer, Chair of the PBS Undergraduate Committee.