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  • Professor Peter Tse Quoted

    "When we're paying full attention – like a small child – to events, we'll notice the succession of events. This will expand our experience of time. It will give us a much richer experience of the world. Everything – once you pay attention to it – is really quite amazing." - Dr. Peter Tse

  • Professor Caroline Robertson Awarded DCAL Grant to Enhance Student Learning Through VR Headsets

    The students of Dr. Caroline Robertson's 21W Cognitive Neuroscience class can better understand course concepts by directly experiencing some of the psychological phenomena that they are learning about. Assistant Professor Robertson was awarded a grant from the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning, in collaboration with John Bell at the Dev Studio, to develop VR experiments and experiences for the class.

  • Professor Thalia Wheatley quoted in "Scientific American"

    Regarding conversations, Dr. Wheatley told Scientific American journalist Rachel Nuwer, they are "such an elegant expression of mutual coordination, and yet it all falls apart at the end because we just can't figure out when to stop."

  • Thalia Wheatley Appointed Lincoln Filene Professor in Human Relations

    "Endowed professorships provide a means of recognizing the scholarship and teaching of some of our most accomplished faculty members," says Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Elizabeth Smith. "Their contributions to the creation and dissemination of knowledge at Dartmouth and beyond are truly extraordinary."

    Thalia Wheatley
  • Professor Brad Duchaine Quoted

    "Every time we see a face, the brain adjusts our representation of that face so its size, viewpoint, and orientation is matched to faces stored in memory, just like computer face recognition systems such as those used by Facebook and Google." - Brad Duchaine

  • PBS Welcomes New Assistant Professor Emily Finn

    PBS is pleased to welcome new Assistant Professor Emily Finn, who joined our faculty in the summer of 2020. Professor Finn will be teaching PSYC 60: Principles of Human Brain Mapping with fMRI in winter 2021.

    Emily Finn