Courses and Syllabi

Undergraduate Course Listings

An up-to-date list of course offerings in our department can be found below. These resources may be useful to Psychology and Neuroscience majors and minors (or prospective majors/minors) who are working on their major/minor plans, or to Dartmouth students in other departments who are interested in what PBS has to offer.

​​​​​​2024-2025 Schedule of Course Offerings​​​​​​ (Revised April 29, 2024)

While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of these lists, the Registrar's Timetable of Class Meetings should be considered the official listing of courses each term.

Examples of Undergraduate Course Syllabi

Examples of course syllabi can be found here (Dartmouth login required).  In most cases these are syllabi from past offerings of our courses and should be used for general reference only.  For current information about course offerings and textbook requirements consult the Dartmouth Timetable of Class Meetings or the syllabus provided in class.