Program Information

Coursework and Curriculum

Although there is a core curriculum that all students fulfill, the program is flexible. The program is designed to meet individual needs and is usually completed within 4-5 years.

During the first year students take Proseminar, which is taught by the entire faculty. This seminar explores the diverse areas of psychological and brain sciences represented in the department. First-year students also begin to take a series of Core Courses and conduct supervised research.

Second-year students receive training in statistics, enroll in focused seminars, carry out independent research and complete a Specialist Examination in their area before proceeding to their dissertation research in subsequent years of the program. Students serve as teaching assistants for four terms during their time in the program.

The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences maintains close ties and affiliations with a number of other departments and programs, including the Dartmouth Medical School and the Neuroscience Center at Dartmouth. Coursework and research is often conducted in conjunction with these other programs.


The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences is located in Moore Hall, which opened during the summer, 1999. The building consists of nearly 100,000 square feet, most of which is devoted to research and teaching of psychological and brain sciences. Information about the laboratories and other resources can be found on our facilities page.