PBS welcomes two new faculty members in 2018-19

The new PBS faculty members described their research to Dartmouth News for the new faculty spotlight.

Assistant Professor Katherine Nautiyal

I am interested in how the brain generates self-control. My research focuses on the role of serotonin in modulating the neural circuits that regulate impulsive behavior. My lab manipulates serotonin signaling in rodent models and measures the resulting ability to wait or delay gratification. We also image the activity of neurons in the brain in order to understand how the brain executes impulse control.

Professor Nautiyal is teaching PSYC 45 Behavioral Neuroscience in Winter 2019.


Assistant Professor Caroline Robertson

My research seeks to understand the neurobiology of autism. I use a combination of neuroimaging techniques, such as fMRI and MRS, and naturalistic measurements, such as wearable virtual reality, to link neural insights to behavioral differences that affect individuals’ day-to-day lives.

Professor Robertson is teaching PSYC 27 Cognitive Neuroscience in Winter 2019, and PSYC 81.11 Real-World Scene Perception in Spring 2019.