Katherine M. Nautiyal

|Assistant Professor
Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor


Moore Hall, Room 267
HB 6207


Psychological and Brain Sciences


  • B.A. University of Pennsylvania
  • Ph.D. Columbia University

Selected Publications

  • Complete list can be found here

    Desrochers, S.S., Spring, M.G., Nautiyal, K.M. (2022) A role for serotonin in modulating opposing drive and brake circuits of impulsivity. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience. 16:791749.

    Desrochers, S.S., Nautiyal, K.M. (2022) Serotonin 1B receptor effects on response inhibition are independent of inhibitory learning. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. 187:107574.

    Han, J., Andreu, V., Langreck, C., Pekarskaya, E.A., Grinnell, S.G., Magalong, V.M., Pintar, J., Kieffer, B.L., Harris, A.Z., Javitch, J.A., Hen, R., Nautiyal, K.M. (2021) Mu Opioid Receptors on Hippocampal GABAergic Interneurons are Critical for the Antidepressant Effects of Tianeptine. Neuropsychopharmacology. 47(7):1387-1397.

    Li, Y., Simmler, L.D., Zessen, R.V., Flakowski, J., Wan, J.-X., Deng, F., Li, Y.-L., Nautiyal, K.M., Pascoli, V., and Lüscher, C. (2021). Synaptic mechanism underlying serotonin modulation of transition to cocaine addiction. Science 373, 1252-1256.

    Desrochers, S.S., Lesko, E.M., Magalong, V.M., Balsam, P.D., Nautiyal, K.M.  (2021) A role for reward valuation in the serotonergic modulation of impulsivity. Psychopharmacology. 238(11):3293-3309

    Lee,J.H., Capan, S., Lacefield, C., Shea,Y.M., Nautiyal, K.M (2020) DIY-NAMIC Behavior: A High-Throughput Method to Measure Complex Phenotypes in the Homecage. eNeuro 7(4).

    Nautiyal, K.M., Wall, M.M., Wang, S., Magalong, V.M., Ahmari, S.E., Balsam, P.D., Blanco, C., Hen, R.  (2017) Genetic and modelling approaches reveal distinct components of impulsive behavior.  Neuropsychopharmacology 42(6):1182-1191.

    Nautiyal, K.M., Tanaka, K.F., Barr, M.M., Tritschler, L., LeDantec, Y., David, D.J., Gardier, A.M., Blanco, C., Hen, R., Ahmari, S.E. (2015) Distinct circuits underlie the effects of serotonin 1B receptors on aggression and impulsivity. Neuron 86(3):813-26.