Peter Ulric Tse

Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

603 646 4014
HB 6207
Cognitive Science
Psychological and Brain Sciences
B.A. Dartmouth College
Ph.D. Harvard University

Selected Publications

Caplovitz, G P and P U Tse, “V3A Processes Contour Curvature as a Trackable Feature for the Perception or Rotational Motion,” Cerebral Cortex , epub., (July 2006).

“Neural Correlates of Transformational Apparent Motion,” Neuroimage , 31:2 (2006) 766-773.

Tse, P U, S Martinez-Conde, A Schlegel, and S Macknik, “Visibility and Visual Masking of Simple Targets are Confined to Areas in the Occipital Cortex beyond Human V1/V2,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , 102:47 (2005) 17178-17183.

Tse, P U, D L Sheinberg, and N K Logothetis, “Attentional Enhancement Opposite a Peripheral Flash Revealed by Change Blindness,” Psychological Science , 14:2 (2003) 1-8.

“A Contour Propagation Account of Surface Filling-in and Volume Formation,” Psychological Review , 109:1 (2002) 91-115.

Works in Progress

Neural correlates of microsaccades

Neural basis of trackable features