Howard C. Hughes

Academic Appointments

Professor Emeritus

We use psychophysical methods in combination with fMRI and electrophysiological recordings in humans to investigate the mechanisms of perception, how perception controls movements, and how those movements in turn affect our percepts.


351 Moore
HB 6207


Psychological and Brain Sciences


  • B.A. Pennsylvania State University
  • M.A. Ohio State University
  • Ph.D. Ohio State University, 1975

Selected Publications

  • Berryhill, M.E., Chiu, T., & Hughes, H.C. Smooth pursuit of nonvisual motion.
    Journal of Neurophysiology, 2006, 96 (1): 461-464.

  • Kveraga, K., Berryhill, M. & Hughes, H.C. Directional uncertainty in visually guided pointing.  Perceptual and Motor Skills, 2006, 102 (1): 125-132.

  • Berryhill, M.E., Kveraga, K., Webb, L. & Hughes, H.C. Effect of uncertainty on the time course for selection of verbal name codes.  Perception & Psychophysics, 2005, 67 (8): 1437-1445.

  • Kveraga, K. & Hughes, H.C. Effects of stimulus-response uncertainty on saccades to near-threshold targets.  Experimental Brain Research, 2005, 162 (3): 401-405.

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Works In Progress

  • “Smooth pursuit of non-visual motion”

  • “Multimodal access to verbal name codes”

  • “Pop-out versus discrimination: Color defined targets and visual facilitation”

  • Wang, S. & Hughes, H.C. Auditory Systems in Insects. The New Encyclopedia of Neuroscience, Elsevier, in press

  • Berryhill, M.E, Kveraga, K., Webb, L. & Hughes, H.C.  Multimodal access to verbal name codes.  Perception & Psychophysics, in press