Pain Reprocessing Therapy as Treatment for Chronic Pain

Professor Tor Wager is senior author on a study recently published in JAMA Psychiatry. The study, conducted in Dr. Wager's Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience laboratory, provides strong evidence of lasting relief from chronic pain through psychological treatment, specifically Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT). According to Professor Wager, who was quoted in a SciTechDaily story, "This isn't suggesting that your pain is not real or that it's 'all in your head.' What it means is that if the causes are in the brain, the solutions may be there, too." 

Dr. Wager's study was also featured in a Dartmouth News story.

Read the JAMA Psychiatry publication, "Effect of Pain Reprocessing Therapy vs Placebo and Usual Care for Patients with Chronic Back Pain," here.