2020 Undergraduate Award Winners and Honors Announced

Psychological and Brain Sciences Department 2020 Undergraduate Prizes and Awards

The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences wishes to congratulate its 2020 psychology and neuroscience majors and minors.  We are very proud to announce our high achieving department award winners and honors students.

Benjamin G. Benner 1969 Award for Excellence in Research Psychology: Paige B. Whittemore
PBS Rintels Prize Nomination: Paige B. Whittemore


paige whittemore
Paige Whittemore

Honors Thesis Prize in Psychology: Rachel L. Mashal


Rachel Mashal
Rachel Mashal

Robert N. Leaton Prize for Best Neuroscience Thesis Presentation: Klara Barbarossa


Klara Barbarossa
Klara Barbarossa

Best Written Neuroscience Thesis: Julie S. Lim


Julie Lim
Julie Lim



Lt. William Brewster Nickerson 1964 Psychology and Brain Sciences Prize: Sophie K. Byrne


Sophie Byrne
Sophie Byrne

Robert N. Leaton Prize for Best Neuroscience Thesis: Maxwell R. Farrens


Honors in Psychology
Rachel L. Mashal*
Julia R. Potter 
Paige B. Whittemore*

Honors in Neuroscience
Klara Barbarossa*
Maxell R. Farrens*
Julie S. Lim
Lorna L. McElrath*
Meghana Yellanki

*indicates student received High Honors


Academic Achievement (Highest GPA) in Neuroscience Major:
Sabrina L. Straus

Academic Achievement (Highest GPA) in Psychology Major:
John E. Beute
Jessica E. Kobsa
Rachel L. Mashal
Julia A. Stevenson
Armin Tavakkoli

Prizes awarded in Previous Years to 2020 Graduates

Benjamin G. Benner 1969 Undergraduate Research Fellowship
2018-2019 winner: Mark Taylor
2019-2020 winner: Armin Tavakkoli


Jack Baird Prize for Research Project
2018-2019 winner: Shae Wolfe
2019-2020 winner: Natalia McLaren