Assistant Professor Kyle Smith is a "Scientist to Watch"

The Scientist magazine featured PBS Assistant Professor Kyle Smith as a "Scientist to Watch" in their November 2017 edition.  Professor Smith joined the faculty at Dartmouth in 2013, and research in his lab focuses on reward response and habit formation.

From The Scientist article:

"When Kyle Smith was a kid, he didn’t like science. “I didn’t do very well” in the subject, he says. As an undergraduate at Indiana University, he initially saw himself going into film or television production, but he says the jump to psychology with a neuroscience bent wasn’t really such a big one. With film, “basically you start out with nothing, come up with an idea, figure out how to get it done, be creative, make it interesting to people. . . . push boundaries, [which] is exactly the same kind of thing I’ve found in science,” Smith says."

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