The Society for Social Neuroscience is delighted to announce the inaugural class of S4SN Fellows. The Board of Directors selected 12 Fellows who have made an outstanding contribution to the field of social neurosciences over their careers. The 2015 class of S4SN Fellows are:

Human Models of social neuroscience

  • Antonio Damasio, University of Southern California
  • Todd F. Heatherton, Dartmouth College
  • John T. Cacioppo, The University of Chicago
  • Ralph Adolphs, California Institute of Technology
  • Jean Decety, The University of Chicago
  • Patricia K. Kuhl, University of Washington

Animal models of social neuroscience

  • Stephen J. Suomi, NIH/NICHD
  • Michael J. Meany, McGill University
  • Bruce S. McEwen, The Rockfeller University
  • C. Sue Carter, The Kinsey Institute & Indiana University
  • Larry J. Young, Emory University
  • Carmen Sandi, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne