Minor in Neuroscience

The minor in neuroscience is administered by the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences and is overseen by the Neuroscience Steering Committee. It is intended to provide formal recognition for students who have concentrated some of their academic work in the interdisciplinary area of neuroscience. The courses come from the Departments of Biological Sciences and Psychological and Brain Sciences. The minor can accommodate majors in either department as well as majors in all other departments. The minor requires six courses: one prerequisite, two required courses, and three electives. One elective must be at the 50s level or higher. Many of the courses may require permission of the instructor in addition to prerequisite courses.

Prerequisite Courses

Must have completed one course:

  • PSYC 6 Introduction to Neuroscience OR
  • BIOL 34 Neurobiology OR
  • PSYC 1 Introductory Psychology

Required Courses

Must complete two core and three elective courses:

Core Courses:

  1. PSYC 46 Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience OR
    BIOL 12 Cell Structure & Function
  2. PSYC 65 Systems Neuroscience (formerly Physiology of Behavior)

Elective Courses (one course must be at the 50s level or higher):

  1. BIOL 27 Animal behavior
  2. BIOL 37 Endocrinology
  3. BIOL 69 Cell signaling
  4. BIOL 74 Advanced neurobiology
  5. BIOL 79 Genetics and physiology of behavior
  6. PSYC 21 Perception
  7. PSYC 27 Cognitive Neuroscience
  8. PSYC 45 Behavioral Neuroscience
  9. PSYC 28 Cognition
  10. PSYC 40 Introduction to computational neuroscience
  11. PSYC 43 Emotion
  12. PSYC 46 Cellular and molecular neuroscience
  13. PSYC 50 Issues in Neuroscience: See list of approved PSYC 50 courses for 2013 - 2014
  14. PSYC 51 Issues in Information Processing
  15. PSYC 52 Issues in Learning & Development: See list of approved PSYC 52 courses for 2013 - 2014
  16. PSYC 53 Issues in Social Psychology: See list of approved PSYC 53 courses for 2013-2014
  17. PSYC 60 Principles of human brain mapping with fMRI
  18. PSYC 64 Laboratory in sensory psychology
  19. PSYC 80s level Seminar: See list of approved PSYC 80 courses for 2013-2014
  20. PHYSIOLOGY 150 Seminar in molecular and cellular neuroscience
  21. Dartmouth Medical School See list of approved Dartmouth Medical School list of  courses for 2013 - 2014

Some courses in othe departments may also count for elective credit.  See list of approved courses for 2013 - 2014

A draft of approved elective courses for next year can be found here: Approved Neuroscience Elective courses for 2014-2015.  Note that this list is currently being updated as we become aware of appropriate courses being offered by other departments and schools. So check back regularly!


  • With permission of the Neuroscience Steering Committee, other courses that are appropriate given the student’s area of specialization may be taken for credit.
  • Required and Elective Courses cannot count toward both the major and minor.