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  • The neural representation of personally familiar and unfamiliar faces in the distributed system for face perception.

    Visconti di Oleggio Castello M, Yaroslav O. Halchenko, Guntupalli JS, Gors JD, Maria Gobbini

    Scientific Reports, 7:12237,

  • Metaplasticity as a Neural Substrate for Adaptive Learning Choice under Uncertainty

    Farashahi S, Donahue CH, Khorsand P, Seo H, Lee D, Soltani A.

    Neuron, 94(2), 401-414,

  • Reading faces: from features to recognition.

    Guntupalli JS, Maria Gobbini

    Trends in Cognitive Sciences,

  • Optimal Structure of Metaplasticity for Adaptive Learning.

    Khorsand P, Alireza Soltani

    PLOS Computational Biology, 13(6): e1005630,