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  • Concurrent development of facial identity and expression discrimination.

    Dalrymple K.A., Visconti di Oleggio Castello M., Alison J.T., Maria Gobbini

    PloS One, 12(6): e0179458,

  • Acetylcholine contributes to the integration of self-movement cues in head direction cells.

    Ryan Yoder, Jeremy Chan, Jeffrey Taube

    Behavioral Neuroscience 131: 312-324

  • Plastic reorganization of neural systems for perception of others in the congenitally blind.

    Fairhall SL, Porter KB, Bellucci C, Mazzetti M, Cipolli C, Maria Gobbini

    NeuroImage 158C (2017) pp. 126-135,

  • Gamma oscillations in the rat ventral striatum originate in the piriform cortex.

    James E. Carmichael, Jimmie M. Gmaz, Matthijs van der Meer

    Journal of Neuroscience, 17 July 2017, 2944-15;