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  • Disentangling the Representation of Identity from Head View Along the Human Face Processing Pathway.

    Guntupalli JS, Wheeler KG, Maria Gobbini

    Cerebral Cortex, epub ahead of print

  • Pain in the ACC?

    Wager, T.D., Atlas, L.Y., Botvinick, M.M., Luke J. Chang, Coghill, R.C., Davis, K.D., et al.

    Proceedings in the National Academy of Science

  • Cross-modal attention effects in the vestibular cortex during attentive tracking of moving objects.

    SM Frank, L Sun, L Foster, Peter Ulric Tse, MW Greenlee

    J Neurosci vol 36, pp 12720-12728

  • How the Human Brain Represents Perceived Dangerousness or "Predacity" of Animals.

    Connolly AC, Sha L, Guntupalli JS, Oosterhof N, Halchenko YO, Nastase SA,, di Oleggio Castello MV, Abdi H, Jobst BC, Gobbini MI, Haxby JV

    J Neurosci. vol 36, pp 5373-5384


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