Impact Design: Public Presentations of Work from COCO18, Impact Design

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Impact Design: Public Presentations of Work from COCO18, Impact Design

Find out what all the buzz on campus has been about. COCO18 students created delightful experiences for local couples as part of an Arts and Dementia program.

Monday, May 22, 2017
Moore B03
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Students in the COCO18 course (Impact Design: The psychology and design of user experiences that delight and inform) have been working all term with participants with mild to mid-stage dementia and their care partners.  Utilizing the human-centered design process, students have been using what they learn in class to understand the participants' needs and interests, create impactful experiences for them, and measure their success.  Working with Dartmouth's Center for Service and the Aging Resource Center, this course is meant to utilize the arts as a means of creating impact for dementia participants.  The course was team taught by Profs. Thalia Wheatley (PBS) and Lorie Loeb (CS, Digital Arts, DALI).  

Impact design is a recent term that refers to “design initiatives or projects intended to be evaluated according to qualitative and quantitative social and scientific metrics.” In our case, student teams created delightful arts-based experiences designed specifically for the dementia participant and their care partner. We will use metrics such as surveys, video analysis, computer vision techniques, pupilommetry, and the facial action coding system to analyze the results.  

Presentations will be dynamic and informative.  The event is open to the public.

For more information, contact:
Lorie Loeb

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