Jeffrey Steven Taube

Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

HB 6207
Psychological and Brain Sciences
B.G.S. University of Michigan Ph.D. University of Washington

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Selected Publications

Book: Wiener SI, Taube JS (2005) Head Direction Cells and the Neural Mechanisms of Spatial Orientation . MIT Press: Cambridge, MA.

Clark BJ, Bassett JP, Wang SS, Taube JS (2010) Impaired head direction cell representation in the anterodorsal thalamus after lesions of the retrosplenial cortex. Journal of Neuroscience 30: 5289-5302.

Taube JS (2010) Interspike interval analyses reveal irregular firing patterns at short, but not long, intervals in rat head direction cells. Journal of Neurophysiology 104: 1635-1648.

Yoder RM, Clark BJ, Taube JS (2011) Origins of landmark encoding for the brain’s navigation system. Trends in Neuroscience 34: 561-571.

Clark BJ, Taube JS (2012) Head direction cell generation in subcortical and parahippocampal circuits. Frontiers in Neuroscience 6: 1-12.

Valerio S, Taube JS (2012) Path integration: how the head direction signal maintains and corrects spatial orientation. Nature Neuroscience, in press.

Works in Progress

Taube JS , Valerio S, Yoder RM (2012) Is navigation in virtual reality using fMRI really navigation?