Recent Dissertations

Below are recent dissertations that show students in our Graduate program working on the cutting edge in their respective fields.

Kris Caudle

Reward and Failures of Self-Regulation in Online Digital Environments

Caroline Davis

Behavioral and neural responses to human facial expression and identify as social cues for biologically relevant learning

Jill MacLeod

"The medial prefrontal cortex and nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in negative occasion setting"

Ross O'Hara

"Anticipated Emotion in Health Decision Making: An extension of the prototype-willingness model"

Dylan Wagner

"Neural Representation of Social Knowledge in the Medial Prefrontal Cortex"

Maital Neta

"Behavioral, Psychophysiological and Neural Responses to Ambiguously Valenced Facial expressions"

Gideon Caplovitz

"Neural Correlates of Visual Form-Motion Interactions"

Christopher Keene

"Contributions of Restrosplenial Cortex to Associative Learning and Memory"

Leah Somerville

"Uncertainty, Uncontrollability, and Arousal: How Anxiety Affects Behavioral, Psychophysiological, and Neural Responses to Emotional Information"

Emily Cross

"Mapping the Junction of Action Perception and Production"

Brian Russ

"Neural and Behavioral Correlates of Auditory-Object Processing"

Yune-Sang Lee

"Neural Basis Underlying Auditory Categorization in the Human Brain"

Sarah Meerts

"The Contribution of Vaginocervical Input on the Reinforcing Aspects of Mating in Female Rats"

Kate Demos

"Restraint and Disinhibition in the Brain"

Po-Jang Hsieh

"Perceptual Filling-In Involves Feature Mixing, But Not Feature Replacement"

Jasmin Cloutier

"Viewing Eye Gaze as a Social Cognitive Instrument: Investigating its Function, its Relationship to Other Facial Cues and its Neural Substrate"